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While we can ship to most states, our business is based on having our wines accessible to consumers in retail outlets, bars, restauants and nightclubs. Currently, we have distribution in Washington, D.C. (Ikavina Wine and Spirits, LLC) and Pennsylvania (Nationwide Wine and Spirits| and are obtaining distribution in Maryland and Delaware. We are in the process of getting distribution in Georgia and Texas. If you're interesed in carrying the wines in your area, please email us at with the subject line "Distribution."


While we are small, we are on the lookout on people who might be great for the company in the near future. We are mostly interested in sales reps who are both passionate about wine and who can connect with our target audience. By passion, we mean people truly interested in wine, and you don't have to be an "expert;" people whose knowledge isn't fixated on the same few varietals or certain well-known producer names. You can email us at with the subject line "Careers," telling us a little about yourself and your resume in PDF format.


All business need capital and we are no different. Of course the pandemic put a huge crimp in things for us this year, but we're still here. If interested, email us at and we can send you the basic overview of what we are looking for and terms.

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