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"Wanna Be" Wines: The Brand

What Kinda Name is That for a Brand?

  • What do you wanna be?
  • Why do you wanna be?
  • How do you wanna be?
  • Where do you wanna be?
  • When do you wanna be?

All these questions are great questions and need great answers. Our whole initiative is to pair the person with a great wine and let the discovery begin.

People think of the term "wanna be" and they immediately think of someone that wishes they were someone, or something else, and are masquerading as that to people that can't see the truth. However, everyone in life has wanted to be something, with a percentage of them trying and succeeding, another percentage trying and exceeding, another percentage trying and finding a different path, and yet another percentage just giving up. But, the overall reality is that you have to want to either be someone, somewhere, something, or doing something in order to spur to some sort of action.

Prince wrote, and sung "I Wanna Be Your Lover"
Michael Jackson sung "You Wanna Be Starting Something"
The Jackson Five sung "Wanna Be Where You Are"
And The Ohio Players had "I Want To Be Free"

And in one of the most dynamic scenes to the iconic movie on love between young African American professionals, Laurenz Tate's character Darius, in his poem "Brother to the Night" says, "I'm the blues in your left thigh, Tryin to become the funk in your right." (Love Jones).

At the end of the day, I strive to always be the person to others that I needed in my life at various important times.

But ultimately, and quintessentially, we want to be the brand that you can always find a great wine from, to share with friends, loved ones, a significant loved one, or even keep to yourself; it doesn't matter if it's something over $5 and under $20, or something that you can age for years and appreciate later on in life. We want to be your brand!

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